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Who is this guy?

I’m other-side-of-the-planet out of the loop, so may possibly be forgiven for never, until today, having heard of Steve Santagati, but I’ve just come across a blog post by him on the Huff Post.

He was apparently on a CNN program I’ve also never heard of, Showbiz Tonight, talking about a magazine I’ve never heard of, Maxim, and voicing opinions I have most certainly heard, but not for a while.

Divvying up what does or does not make the opposite sex desirable isn’t a conversation I’ve come across lately, so I was interested to learn what the buzz is in the real world late 2007.

Being some sort of expert on what makes women sexy in the eyes of men, he posts a Top Ten that addresses wardrobe (classy, but provocative), grooming (perfume should be present but not over-powering and it’s best if her hair is clean and of feminine length), temperament (can’t have a “sour puss” or get up on a soapbox and complain all the time), and humor (should be able to take a joke…even if it’s dirty), amongst other things.

Insisting that woman want “brutal honesty”, and admitting that 95% of us can “take it on”, he’s right tiffed by those who can’t … or possibly choose not to?

Because it’s his blog inspiring mine today, I’ll give him his Top Ten and a nod to the postulation that men find ‘sexy’ the quality most attractive, and since he’s never heard of me I’ll assume we’re square and turnabout being fair play I can join the game.

Not being a man, I would never assume to speak for my gender on anything, so my thoughts on what is hot on a man would be my own. Looks are part of the initial draw, but far too subjective, and a small part of the picture.

So, my Top Ten of what makes a man attractive looks like this:

1. He should look like he could care less about what he wears and not spend more than 30 seconds on his hair.

2. In reasonable physical shape, showing evidence of enjoying a good meal and the occasional ale is required.

3. He can be clumsy and goofy as long as he has a good laugh.

4. He must be good at listening AND hearing. (Eye contact is important, too.)

5. He shouldn’t smell like anything that can be purchased through Duty Free other than a good Single Malt.

6. He must be passionate about something.

7. He should not be whiny, ever have his mother do his ironing or freak out at the sight of bugs or snakes.

8. Loving kids and animals and being gentle goes a long way to making up for lost hair or other mere physical attributes that may be less than perfect.

9. An addiction to the written word is vital.

10. He must have honor, never lie, and be ready to protect those he cares for with his life.

Is this too much to ask? Not for me. And, by the way, this is not just the Top Ten for “What I looked for in a life partner.” This would also be the checklist for anyone looking to get laid.

Feel free to add your own thoughts …

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