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The power has been out almost all day here today, so I’ve been racing to get my pro blogs written and posted while I can and hoping something would slosh over to this one so my NaBloPoMo thing gets done.

I could write about our Thanksgiving that wasn’t or the fact that it’s Friday again already and how spooky this flying time thing is becoming. Or I could post photos of the puppies that are now two weeks old, HUGE, cute as anything and opening their eyes.


Oh! Here’s something to sink my teeth into!

The UN is calling for a ‘joint climate control effort” and Ban Ki-moon is demanding action.

Pardon my language, but give me a fucking break.

Okay, okay … yes, I detest the United Nations and see the organization as a money-sucking job justification for a whole bunch of people who should be forced to find some honest work. And Ban Ki-moon, the new guy with the new suits and the massive travel budget has not impressed one little bit, even though it should have been damned easy to after Kofi Annan.

Ban in Darfur talking about how “shocked” he was gave the perfect indication of how limited progress during his tenure will be, and now he is challenging governments to action on climate change. Sounds like global warming is as much of a surprise to him as starvation and death in Darfur.

You see, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, a UN branch of the WMO arm of UNEP for anyone impressed by the ability to make alphabet soup, has reported that climate change is real.


And Ban comes to the table from somewhere in the UNmosphere that is just getting around to hearing about this.

“I come to you humbled after seeing some of the most precious treasures of our planet threatened by humanity’s own hand,” he said.

“All humanity must assume responsibility for these treasures.”

Can we hear another “Duh”, please?

IPCC is on its fourth go-round in 20 years and is just now getting around to grinding out some numbers that put the true picture of what the planet is up against out there for the UN to take a gander at.

Too little and too late, and they’re not really going to do anything, anyway.

They’re in Bali next month to do some yacking about what we’re up against, and it’s certain that yacking will be all that’s done … well, in addition to schmoozing and preparing some really expensive, but oh-so-official-looking reports.

Here’s a link to the IPCC report in pdf. Read it and know more than the Secretary General of the UN ever will. Add the info to what you already know, and know more than anyone at the UN ever will.

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