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I blog every day. Honestly. Not here, I’ll admit, and this, my very own personal blog that I created with my two little hands and love to bits gets ignored too often while I’m working my fingers to the nub on the pro blogs.

This month, all this changes, however, as I dedicate myself to the concept of NaBloPoMo … National Blog Posting Month.

Although I’d love to kick this off with something fun or focused, I can’t. I’ve used up all my energy already on posts about adoption and such and now have to address what’s been too close all day …

Sometime last night a lovely woman, a kind and pleasant neighbor, was brutally murdered in her home in Anse La Mouche.

Violent crime happens rarely here, and there is something even more horrid, more shocking about murder in a place as seemingly tranquil as Seychelles.

Everyone on this end of the island is in shock. Many are terrified. Most are both.

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