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So great a loss

I’ve just returned from Marianne Hodoul’s funeral, and not even puppies can cheer me up enough to write a zesty post.

The Baie Lazare church was packed; everyone from this area, of course, and a lot of dignitaries were in the crowd. Very appropriately, it rained.

Apparently, three men are being held in connection with Marianne’s murder at the moment. One was released from prison only a few months ago after beating his girlfriend and leaving her for dead. She survived … barely … and he served all of about three years for his crime.

Marianne was a kind and gentle person and she is well missed by many who loved her and others who appreciated her calm and simple ways.

Because her murder was so brutal, in addition to mourning Marianne everyone is terrified. Our peaceful world has been shattered and we are all paying attention to the reminder that any of us can be a target. Drugs are now making their way into Seychelles, with heroin … unheard of here only a few years ago … tallying up victims faster than anyone can follow. Crime is on the way up, hand-in-hand with fear. The police are under-prepared and, like those in almost all the world, unable or unwilling to stop the traffic in and the sale and use once here.

People are beginning to build walls around their homes, install electric gates, hire private security companies.

Yes, Marianne’s death also seems to mark the death of an era, a way of life that can no longer survive. The days of peaceful island living are gone. We have now joined the real world.

I am so sad today. Sad. Angry. Frightened. And worried for the future for my children.

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