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A question posed on this blog on the Huffington Post stopped my fingers mid-stroke this afternoon, and I’m still not at all sure how I’m feeling about it.

Titled “It’s ‘Only’ Words” and written by Carol Hoenig, the main gist is the upcoming writers strike, and she reminds us in the first sentence that:

Whether a writer is part of the Guild or not, it’s true we are an underpaid lot.

Well, AMEN, Sister. I’m right there with you on the solidarity front, rooting for Hollywood writers to finally get a piece of the action that is closer to proportional for their contributions. Why should Conan O’Brien get all the fame, glory AND money, when his witty asides are mostly scripted by some poor slob with a three-hour commute because she can’t afford to live any closer to work?

If there’s any way for me to help out, just let me know.

Oh. Wait a minute …

I wonder what would happen if all writers, from novelists to bloggers, decided to join in the strike. With that thought in mind, does my blogging without compensation make me part of the problem?

Whoa, Nelly!

But …

What WOULD happen if we all just stopped our write-for-free compulsion? Should NaBloPoMo be followed by NaNoBloPoMo?

Discuss …

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