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Not every step in my journey through this life has been fun … far from it … but some have combined hilarity and joy so effectively that they resonate and stir a smile up even years later.

I’m grinning this morning thanks to a comment that appeared on a post from a while back, a blast from the past, sweet and beautifully written, from one of the guys who staggered along with me for a few years back in my Rock & Roll roadie days.

John was the bassist with the mostest in Spider Kelly, a whip-smart (and yes, his wit could sting), shy, brooding gangster in his 20s at the time who provided moments that I strongly suspect were formative and to this day can make me, in present vernacular, lol.

He is still making music, as his myspace page clearly shows, and listening to the offerings there conjures a clear image of him as his voice fills my computer.

Speaking of his myspace page … I’ve nicked a vid from there, a shining moment from another band we hung with in the old days, Little Roger and the Goosebumps, that I haven’t thought of in years … the song, not the band. (Rick and Roger … you are NOT forgotten!)

Enjoy …

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