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Singapore Report

My stay in Mt. Elizabeth Hospital is over, and all-in-all it was almost pleasant. It’s nice to be recognized and welcomed as I am there, even though that does indicate I’ve spent WAY too much time within those walls, but a friendly face is a friendly face. (The CCU nurse who brought me cheesecake for breakfast gets the special award for spoiling me.)

Dr. Leslie Lam and his wonderful staff have been, as always, wonderful.

I ended up having another stent put in, as a blockage was found, so now have a bit more hardware in this old ticker, but I don’t notice the difference.

My plan now is to enjoy this city for the days I have left here, and that’s easy to do. I love Singapore and know it well, so I’m heading out for some murtabek, a few sticks of satay and other wonders of the Asian food type.

I may even do a bit of shopping … go figure.

My deepest appreciation goes to all of you who have sent wishes, energy, prayers and humor my way. Thank you!

I am one lucky woman.

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