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I’m off to Singapore tomorrow and will be gone for a bit more than ten days. This is not a pleasure trip by any means, and is, in fact, one I’m not looking forward to in any way.

Due to issues that have more to do with money and timing and the end of an era that saw me insured, I’ve scheduled a visit to my cardiologist who just happens to be in Singapore.

Certainly a case of BTDT when it comes to procedures and process … angiogram that requires a night in hospital, and whatever other treatment might be necessary (hopefully none, thank you) … I have never done this alone before.

Not much still lingers around the edges of Mark … or at least not much pleasant … but I have to admit that I will miss having a face behind the glass as dye and camera are threaded up to my heart through my femural artery and tinkering happens.

I’m so loopy when going through this all, due to the drugs they give me, that every time I’m in Mt. Elizabeth hospital is like the first for me … I remember almost nothing one trip to the next … so I had to call Mark for a rendition of what’s happened before to prepare myself for what happens next.

So …

I’ll be away for a while, but will post again when I can.

I’m a big girl and can do anything, and do it alone when need be, but I will appreciate all good thoughts and energy coming my way.

You all are a huge part of my support system and are much appreciated.

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