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International Day of the WomanAll over the world, today will see observances of International Women’s Day, and being that I am an international woman I plan to observe the heck out of this 8th of March.

It’s very interesting timing … not that the 8th of March doesn’t always fall on the 8th of March, but that this one dawned with some Girl Power Squared.

Yep … today is all about “Sisterhood”, women putting aside perceived differences and bonding in ways that can wrest power from the penis-laden and put the balls more squarely in their court.

Far too often women let themselves be divided, then conquered, a tendency that not only weakens us all, but also isolates us as individuals. In isolation, our judgement may be more easily manipulated, our value downgraded, our confidence eroded; a slow and insidious process that frequently leaves us feeling powerless.

I’ve written before on the problems women have with women:

Truth be told, women don’t like women much, and trust them even less. Sure, we have girlfriends … and FFS! we do need and treasure them … but women in general? Not so much. If to men we are the sugar and spice of life, to each other we are arsenic; in controlled amounts helpful and healing, but otherwise poison.

Divide et impera, hey, Ladies? That is the result the lack of sisterhood leaves us with. Playing into the hands of men … in any old way … has done us little good as a gender, and it’s only when we make the effort to join hands and hearts and minds that we have any luck at all in climbing ladders or breaking ceilings or gaining control of such basics as our own bodies.

So, if you’re a woman today is a day to reach across divides, to offer a hand, a heart, a hug, to your sisters no matter if a divide is as narrow as a garden fence or as wide as an ocean, because if we’re not in this together, we’re screwed, and not in fun or productive ways.

I give thanks today to all the women in my life whose hands I know are always there, whose hearts are true and whose minds encourage mine to stretch beyond limits imposed when there’s not a woman around to slap them down.

And I offer my hand, my heart and my strength to any girl who could use a hug, a round of applause, my time, energy, hopes or fearlessness.

Thank you … and bring it on!!!

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