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Our almost-daily power cut today went on for hours, so the long and heartfelt post I was planning won’t get done. Although candlelight is soft, gentle and romantic, I’ve come to rely on juice and an Internet fruit bat with a pulse and feel my day incomplete without.

Today is Friday, the day T was scheduled to leave the country. Unless something very unexpected happened, he’s gone by now.

Do I need to talk about how grateful I am for the time we had with him last weekend? No. But I will post a few more photos.

I’m trying very hard not to focus on the wrongs this boy has suffered, but it’s hard when I know that his mother left him for the month since she and her boyfriend left the country in the “care” of people who call him “ass hole” instead of his name and encourage him to lock himself in the guest room with a GameBoy for days on end.

She so easily could have made different arrangements. What a whole month with him would have meant to all of us.

What’s ahead for him is frightening, and I have no faith at all that anyone will be putting him even near the top of any agenda. I have seen it all before, and have no doubt that nothing has changed.

Can I mention here that this experience, like others, has a lot to do with coloring my views on the sanctity of motherhood? Far too often in real life there ain’t no such thing.

T and S swm
Sam and T in the sea … like brothers

Cheeky monkey!

Discussion T & Mark
A discussion, Mark and T, while Sam plays

Dinner at HOME
Dinner at HOME

TV time
Relaxing with Scoobie, 4 kids!

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