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I’m going to limp into this post, because although I should soft pedal my reaction, it’s hard to penetrate the sheath that protects my annoyance, even with a shaft of acknowledgment … a nod of the head, so to speak … toward a need to sit up and take notice of what, for some, is a thorny issue.

It’s this piece from the BBC that has me juiced up today about …

A spray [that] can help men with premature ejaculation problems prolong the length of time they have sex by six times …

… The spray, developed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, contains local anaesthetics that numb the penis.

Okay, okay … premature ejaculation is a problem for some men. I’m sure it has all sorts of negative impacts, and I don’t mean to belittle those, but I can’t help but hear strains of “SIX TIMES AS LONG … BWAH!!!!!” coming from guys who would be just as thrilled if it was size, not time, on offer, or, even better, both.

Sorry, but this seems to be more a guy thing than a couples thing.

It’s been reported that a “premature ejaculation gene” has been found, so apparently the apparatus delivers the goods regardless the duration. (And I won’t even venture toward the part of the story that has this research conducted in Ireland … a country where women have for centuries been popping out babies every 10 months or so … )

Quite frankly … and, girls, please tell me if I’m wrong on this … there are SO many ways to compensate for for limited thrusting time, and none that I know of get complaints.

Get with the program, doods. In this age of Viagra, more sensitization, rather than less, would be more climactic.

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