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Hot Pants?

Thanks again to treasures presented on The Guild of Scientific Troubadours, I have blog fodder.

Seems the boundaries of entertainment are on the verge of being pushed … and I’m liking it.

Check this out … a jacket that you’d don while movie watching that will let viewers “feel” the film.

The jacket, responding to signals encoded in the DVD or to a program designed to control the jacket on the fly, can do a host of things, such as “causing a shiver to go up the viewer’s spine and creating the feeling of tension in the limbs.” During the fight scene, says Lemmens, the jacket will even create a pulsing on the wearer’s chest to simulate the kung fu master’s elevated heartbeat.

Cool, heh?

But …

They’re falling a bit short by my measure. Why stop with a jacket? I’m thinking matching pants would be a very good idea.

Anyone want to sit through “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with me … ?

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