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A year ago last April, Paradise Preoccupied was born. It came about as a spill over from all the stuff I wasn’t allowed to write about on adoption dot com, much considered “off topic” … some of which actually was … and the frustration I felt as being so stifled.

Life was so much different all those months and 199 posts ago, that I can only grasp the fringes of who I was then … that enthusiastic, secure, passionate, opinionated woman who felt her feet on firm ground and her hand never far from the tremendous support of a husband/best friend who would always be there for her.

Being the 200th post, though, means this has to have some future to it, and very fortunately I have a week coming up that has a bright side.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to receive 300 copies of my book of short stories, “Papaya … and other seeds”, and begin working on marketing it for sale locally. The National Arts Council will be hosting a launch party for the book at which Sam and I will be signing copies. (Sam provided illustrations and is looking forward to autographing some, although I suspect he’ll tire of the endeavor before the demand slacks.)

A large banner will be going up on one of the main roads in town that just happens to be along Mark’s route to work that will tout the book with the cover and a photo of me along with some copy pitching sales, and I must admit to getting some enjoyment out of whatever annoyance factor this might cause his girlfriend, and him, too, actually.

I hope to have a site set up for Internet sales through PayPal soon for those not able to drop into a local bookshop in Victoria, but still interested in a copy.

I’m looking forward to July now, as the the 1st should see the public presentations, and the 4th will most likely be the date for the launch party. Although not a holiday here, Independence Day will hold some meaning for me if all this comes to pass as planned.

I am cautious in my excitement at this point, as things can always go awry, as I so well know, but I am very glad to have something positive to report for my 200th post.

Thanks to all who have been reading me since I started these writings from Paradise and welcome to anyone who happens to stumble across and decide to hang around a while.

I can’t tell you how much your support, advice and good wishes have helped me over the past months, and I look forward to another 200 posts where more good will be reported than bad and we can get back to laughing at foibles and taking down bad guys from time to time.

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