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In what appears to be a gee-whiz-why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-ages-ago, forehead-slapping moment, a writer for a previously undiscovered (by me) online publication out of Canada has presented what she sees as THE solution to “a large portion of the abortion problem”.

Ready for it?


And it works like this:

There are women who find themselves pregnant when they don’t want to be. There are other women who are trying desperately to get pregnant but can’t. What we need to do is match the two groups up and transplant the unwanted fetuses of the former into the wombs of the latter in a form of pre-birth adoption. That way, pregnant women can cease to be pregnant without killing fetuses, and would-be mothers can adopt infants without having to comb the world for them.

Apparently, this works with cows … although comments to the contrary are rife following the article … so how big a jump could it take?

Simple, heh? Easy peasy.

But, hold on a minute …

Aren’t we forgetting something? Oh, yeah … children aren’t calves that grow up to be cud-chewing, slow-witted burgers-on-the-hoof, so even if this process is medically feasible there just might be a few niggling issues of ethics and identity involved.

Funny how the end product … the children, fercryinoutloud … can be completely left out of the equation, isn’t it? Okay. Not funny, especially when it happens as often as it does.

Speaking of the kids, there is hopeful news coming out of New Jersey as a panel in the State Senate unanimously approved a bill that will allow adult adoptees access to their OBCs.

Rapper and adoptee rights advocate Darryl McDaniels (DMC) gave testimony in favor of unsealing birth records, saying: This is really about identity and truth of a human being’s existence.

Once again, I’m confused by those who take the opposite stance:

Marie Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, said she and a coalition of other opponents would continue to fight the legislation. “This is not a compassionate choice at all.”


Where do self-proclaimed “Right to Life” people meet this issue so abruptly that they feel the need to fight legislation in favor of open records?

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