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The Internet on this bloody island died last night at just past 11pm … right in the middle of an important skype call and long before I was done with all I had to do.

My ISP has a “hot line” which is ALWAYS switched off outside of working hours … so actually cold as a corpse … but I do have the manager’s private cell phone number. Dialing fingers, for sure, only to find that that phone is also switched off .. en tenye, in Creole.


So, I go to bed. Fine. Whatevahhhhhhhh …

As always, I’m awake before 6am, grab my ‘puter, and, of course, find that nothing has been fixed and there is STILL no access. Dead as a doornail … and thanks for the explanation of that term, Andy …. as it was before I hit the hay.

Dialing again … Romano, Selwyn, Richard-the-hot-line-guy-for-the-night … en tenye.


I’m cursing island life, the cavalier attitudes of everyone with a job they are supposed to do … for which they charge a bloody fortune, by the way … stomping around infuriated by people who turn their phones off rather than do their jobs, and waiting for 7:00 to roll around in hopes that by then one of these incompetent jerks will be awake and reachable.

Then, what to my wondering eyes does appear before me?

A double rainbow just off my bedroom balcony.

Huge, it arcs from one side of the bay to beyond, emptying its pot of gold on the beach below me.

Okay. Fine. I get it.

I have work to do, people to contact, connections to make, demands upon me …


A double rainbow to put that all in a beautiful perspective.

I’m paying attention now.

(I’d provide a photo of said double rainbow, but … the batteries I just bought for the camera are dead fresh out of the pack.

Island life … sigh.)

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