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Press release:

Adoption dot com Blogging Staff Resigns to Launch More Inclusive, Relevant Site.
Adoption Under One Roof: covering adoption from every angle, every view, for everyone, at ouradopt.com.

In reaction to a narrowing focus and dwindling support for quality writing tackling the big issues related to adoption, more than one-third of the remaining blogging staff of Adoptionblogs dot com resigned last week, and in conjuction with former colleagues today launched the realized vision of a totally new concept in online adoption communities.

Dedicated to providing information, provoking thought and promoting positive progress toward ethical adoption practices through education, exchange and cooperation between triad members, eight talented and dedicated bloggers have joined forces to build a new, relevant and totally inclusive site.

Never before have all aspects of adoption been presented under one roof … a one-stop reference for anyone coming to adoption from any direction … the goal of the site, as is made clear by the title: Adoption Under One Roof — Covering adoption from every angle, every view, for everyone.

Areas of the site will offer platforms for birth parents, adoptees, prospective adoptive parents and adoptive families, from enthusiastic advocates to staunch opponents. Individuals and families of every stripe — married, single, gay, straight, pro, con, LDS, atheist … and everyone else with adoption in their life — will be able to access valid information, participate in discussions, laugh, learn, rant, rave, share and enjoy in an atmosphere created specifically for the purpose of bringing about positive change in the adoption world.

Through a vision for a world in which every woman in a crisis pregnancy is fully informed and ethically treated, every hopeful adoptive parent demands a process that ensures any child coming to a family comes as the result of strict following of the laws and as the best of best options available, where rights of every adopted child have been protected along each step of the journey, and the hope of a family remains for the children of the world who have no others, Adoption Under One Roof … ouradopt.com … casts a new light over adoption that will illuminate all dark corners and brighten the lives of many.

An arm of Adoption dot com, once the world’s largest adoption-related website, Adoptionblogs dot com was launched in October of 2005, going live the following February with twenty-six bloggers covering thirty-one categories. The site was an immediate success, filling a need for real information from honest and talented writers.

Management support and leadership, however, began to flounder, and by late last year it was apparent there was no committment to move forward and a rapid slide toward irrelevancy began. With more than two-thirds of the blogs abandoned, and that list growing longer every month, reader’s needs were not being met and the demand for a new, dynamic and dedicated site presented itself.

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