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Just had guests leave after a fab Thai dinner lovingly prepared by my dear husband … Tom Ka Gai, Kang Keo Wan, pork satay, fried eggplant. The man can cook! … and am pausing for a thought about how interesting it is to live with the diversity I have in my life.

A table of five adults and three kids … the adults were two Australian Jews, brother and sister, with the brother living here with his Seychellois wife and one-year-old son, and the sister a resident in Qatar … Mark, half Brit, half Seychellois … me, American born and bred, but now also holding a Seychelles passport… and our two kids, Cambodian born with citizenship here and in Britain, which means they are part of Europe.

The world is small, and I’m so pleased to have my nose rubbed in that fact almost daily.

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Now here’s an angle on the international adoption theme that sounds almost too strange to take seriously. Since it’s coming from the Far Right, however, I don’t think I’ll let it sit on the page without a bit of a chew.

The “Conservative Voice” is suggesting that Madonna has an ulterior motive in adopting from Malawi and feeding, housing, educating and otherwise supporting thousands of Malawian orphans. According this rendition of the “fine print” in the Daily Mail … ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘fine print’ do NOT go together no matter how one may try to maneuver the words into the same sentence, by the way. It’s a big-print/no-subtlety publication of the first order as the Brits do so well … her true agenda is to somehow massage the country into a mass conversion to Kabbalah, her religion of choice.

You have to admire writing that makes tremendous leaps outside the realm of fiction … supposedly … going so far out on a limb to snip a bit then spin, spin, spin. Or not.

According to the Daily Mail, nearly half the population of Malawi is under the age of 14 and many of those children are orphans. As a result, it stands to reason that they may be searching for security—a search that might be taken advantage of by those who are pushing a certain form of ideology.

That ‘it stands to reason’ reminds me of the long-accepted carte blanche well known in the South that allows anything to be said about anyone as long as the tone is sugary and followed by a prescribed tag line: She’s ugly as sin and dumb as a shovel … bless her heart.

The article goes to to warn, ” … make no mistake, Madonna is an evangelist …” .

Please excuse me while I laugh about three-quarters of an inch off my too-copious ass. The conjured image of Madonna as Tammy Faye drizzles into my eyes like melting mascara and I’m blind with the mad mirth of preposterous presentations.

Apparently, the author has never heard of Christian-based orphanages or adoptions and is put off by the idea of religion coming into play in aid to African countries. Yeah. Right.

I’m shocked … shocked I say … that a publication called The Conservative Voice speaks spurilously about the Material Girl. And adoption, too?

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