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One search engine parameter that comes up often as I peruse stats for this blog is some version of Moving to Seychelles. Readers from way back know I don’t go out of my way to answer all the questions on the ins and outs of a relocation, seeing as how that brought a load of ungrateful grief at one time, but I’m cool with the occasional query on island life.

Of course, now that I’m selling my place I’m happier to share my wisdom with peeps who could be interested in investing in my fabulous piece of paradise, and those folks would be wise to hear me out.

This being a whole country, not just an island resort place, there are many options when it comes to how and where one would choose to plop a load of dosh, then settle in for long or not-so-long periods of time depending on whether it’s a primary or holiday home. There are apartments available, small houses in local neighborhoods, bits of undeveloped land here and there, hotel-linked homes and … well … my place, and each option offers something different.

The dense living of developed areas is what it is, and although there’s a difference between units designed for expats and houses in local neighborhoods both come with their share of sharing … space, noise, traffic.

The closest comparison for my property would be the hotel-linked homes, both offering views, a degree of privacy and an existing structure. For those who like the idea of putting their home in a hotel’s rental pool for anyone to use for the time they’ll not be in residence, it makes sense to go that way. It’s also nice if you like the idea of neighbors near enough to eavesdrop.

The hotel will take care of many details for owners, a privilege that costs a fair bit, provide some security, also at a price, and make sure someone is always keeping an eye out … even if you’d rather they not. There is also the added advantage, if one deems it so, of having a home you can check in to and out of with a charming receptionist handing over the keys, wishing you a good day and paying attention to whomever you might invite over.

The advantages to buying my place include real privacy and control, the option of doing whatever the hell you feel like doing with the huge garden and the house … build another house or three, put in pools with water slides, even a dungeon if you like … and NOT having to deal with a receptionist.

And if THAT’S not enough for you, check out these photos, shot from the public road, of real-life hotel-linked living provided by Raffles Hotels on Praslin and some of Anse Soleil via me, … and keep in mind my place is far less expensive … and 200 meters from the public road!

And if that’s not enough for you, here’s a link to more.

Yep. This is marketing, so feel free to share this post around widely!

Raffles Seychelles ... from the road

The Raffles environment

Where Raffles meets the road

My house

The environment at my place

The view from the bed ...

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