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Nothing to say …

It appears I’m not ready to start blogging about life and death and politics, but in cleaning my office I did find a poem, apropos absolutely nada, that I wrote some time ago …

So offering a bit of blather after all this time:

Suzi Got Her Uzi

She rode bareback
cross the plains, she did
Brown braids
cracking, snapping
a cat-o-2-tails

Straight-backed, perfect
toes up, heels down

And she could sing
she could sing
Strong and loud
canyon wall echos
weak reflections of
the voice
the voice

Put on a show, she could
all the fanfare
with costumes and changes
Handstands on broad backs
The world moves while
the horse stands still

She rode bareback
cross the plains, she did
Hits the bull’s eye
at fifty paces and 20 MPH
She hit it once
one thousand times
one thousand times

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