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My son, Jaren, just a couple of months ago

My son, Jaren, just a couple of months ago

My son, Jaren, died suddenly in Los Angeles on Tuesday. He was 38-years-old, having been born on the 17th of February in 1971. (I remember that day like it was yesterday … )

Jaren was, hands down, the smartest human being I have ever known, and the funniest by a long shot. His heart was bigger than his talent, and that’s saying something.

He was a song writer, a guitarist, a singer, a writer, a comic, a bartender, kind, loving, forgiving … a gentle giant of a man who cuddled kittens as often as he tossed obnoxious assholes out of the path of nice people.

Not a simple man, nor always easy, his depth was sometimes missed as his wit took the lead, but no one could know him for long without experiencing a touch of his brilliance.

My life was blessed by him, and losing this son of mine has broken my heart.

I am leaving for California tomorrow night. While there I hope to meet with all his friends, hear all their stories, and feel all the love.

If you are on facebook, please see the group site dedicated to him for details and to read comments from so many who loved him:

Please visit his band’s MySpace page to listen to his voice, his music, his lyrics and his guitar, and his personal page to read a bit of his humor.

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