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I wrote about Jessica DelBalzo … sorry, but that name makes me chuckle every time I write it … today on the Adoption News Blog, but I’m still so amused/annoyed that I feel the need to keep snickering at this moronic twit, so I’m doing a bit more of it here.

I’d written about her before, suggesting she was some hoax perpetuated on the Web by a sick mind that finds the idea of a website that sells … get this … anti-adoption-wear and products to go with — t-shirts, mouse pads, things like that … very funny.

Of course, I knew then that she was real enough, although I harbored strong doubt about how balanced she might be, and had lots of response from people who’d written her off years before as a kook.

Now, however, in an apparent effort to have yet something else to sell, she’s pushing a book through self-agrandizing press releases that try to sound as though someone other than the DelBalzo herself has written them, claims of acclaim and some strange personal hyping I really don’t see as being all that helpful.

Apparently at ease with flogging anything that will make her a buck, her Live Journal profile not only promotes her strangely vociferous anti-adoption stance, it also encourage folks to check out the site where she hawks adult sex toys.

Here’s her list of helpful hints she’s composed for consumption:

• Learning to Give an Erotic Massage
• How to Choose and Use Personal Lubricant
• Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party
• Using Sex Toys to Get Out of a Sexual Rut
• The Five Best Sex Toys for Couples
• De-Stigmatizing Male Sex Toys
• Extreme Makeover — Bedroom Edition
• Orgasms with Sex Toys
• Fun with Condoms
• Sex Toys for Beginners
• Study Up for Spectacular Sex!
• Latex is for Lovers: Taking Fetish Fashion to the Extreme
• Bondage and Discipline: Turning Your Fantasy Into Reality
• Sexy Fashion Advice for Men
• Edibles in Action: Amazing Aphrodisiacs and Savory Sex Toys
• Enter from the Rear: Anal Sex Tips for Beginners
• How to Plan a Romantic Evening
• Leather Wear for Women: A Luxurious Indulgence
• Guys and Dolls: Fall For An Amazing Love Doll Tonight!
• Dildos for Everyone: Finding Your Perfect Match
• Love Potions that Work Like Magic
• Sexier Shoes, Sexier You!
• Caring for your Leather wear Restraints and Costumes
• Introduction to Enjoying Anal Sex With Toys
• Buying Adult Vibrators Information and Guide
• S&M Toys, Implements and Basic Usage
• Using a Cock Ring, Information on Cock Rings
• How to put on a Condom
• How to Wear and Care for your Latex Clothing
• Exploring Prostate Play with Sex Toys
• Masturbation Toys for Men
• How Do Penis Pumps and Enlargers Really Work?
• Red Hot Holiday Adult Sex Toy Gifts for Him
• Red Hot Holiday Sex Toy Gifts for Her
• Holiday Adult Sex Novelty Items
• Guide for Using Massage Oils & Lubricants.
• All you need to Know about Dildos

Rabidly anti-adoption AND knows all you need to know about dildos.

Gee … don’t we all want her at the table?

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