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I mentioned a couple of posts back an idea about working on a novel through a blog, since this format seems to be eating my life these days.

Well, I’ve started the process, so if anyone’s interested in reading a first draft version of my latest fiction, which I am doing nothing more than making up as I go along … grueling and tedious, I know, but that happens to be how a book gets written … you can find it here.

I’m not looking for an audience, but I’ve had a number of people lately voice curiosity about the process so I thought I’d share. Plus, feeling that someone might be checking for updates might motivate me to spend the time I really do so want to spend writing from my head, rather than headlines.

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I’m going absolutely bozonkers over working on my pro blogs lately. There’s a push on to polish them up, professionalize them, and although I’m well in favor of jettisoning bloggers who have yet to shake hands with the punctuation principal, I’m none too thrilled with the perpetual refrain of “stick to topic”.

My blogs are on international and older parent adoption, and in my little mind both of those cover a range of possible subjects that could be massaged to include just about anything I find interesting. I am, after all, an older international adoptive parent, and seeing that most of my perspective takes on some flavor from this huge part of who I am, what could I write about that is not ‘on topic’?

Apparently, the company doesn’t see things this way, however, and prefers I bang a more repetitive drum. They weren’t at all impressed by my two-parter on intergalactic adoption, and have strongly suggested I don’t go THERE again. Go figure.

Because I already end up with more adoption-related news than I can use, and now will have so much more, I’m going to start posting info here. News about Cambodia will especially feature, as the regular Friday feature of an update on Cam news is no longer favored on the International site being ‘off topic’ … much of it is not specific to adoption … and I’ll be updating regularly.

If you’re coming here from CAL or GAARP or RathCare to follow Cam news updates, welcome! I’m happy to have you. If there is specific adoption-related news, I’ll link to the blog where I post it.

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