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With a commitment of a minimum of 86 posts per month at my blog job for Adoption.com … each at between 300 and 500 words … I must be out of my mind to make myself another empty rectangle that needs filling on a regular basis, but even with all the blather I impart there I find myself feeling stifled and longing for an outlet.

It could be that keeping to topic is beginning to drive me ’round the bend … discipline makes me cranky … or perhaps it’s working for an organization I know to be of a conservative leaning, meaning I can’t very well pull out the stops, throw in the colorful language I’m fond of or get down and dirty in the oh-so-many ways I long to on topics ranging from the adoption-related to politics of both the countries I hold passports for, or mouth-off in general on whatever on any given day constitutes the pissed-off-able.

Maybe it’s island fever prompting me to extend one more bit beyond the time allowed in a day, setting myself up to begrudge each trip to the beach and miss the azure 86ºF waters that are often the only saving grace offered up amongst the frustrations a dearth of necessary items raise almost daily (toilet paper, onions …), the bane of island life.

Hell if I know, but I’m here, and knowing me I’ll be staying and yapping away in this blank rectangle for months to come.

By way of intro: I’m Sandra. I live on the island of Mahé in the country of Seychelles, a postage stamp of a bit of land in the Indian Ocean about 1000 miles off the coast of East Africa. I share my piece of paradise with my husband, Mark, and our two kids, Sam and Cj.

Our family tree has widely spread roots, with me starting out in the US, Mark coming into the world in England and the kids Cambodian-born. None of us are where we began life this time around, but we’re settled here for the foreseeable future where I’ll be blogging away from Blog Island in the pauses between everything else.

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