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Another bump in the road

Ack! My computer has suffered some sort of failure that makes it impossible for me to access anything! Just what I need right now. Great.

Magnar the magnificent assures me that nothing is actually lost and that he will be able to take what I need and get it onto another computer soon, so I’m not to panic. Yeah. Right.

If you’re someone in personal contact, bear with me for a while as this situation gets sorted. Readers who just pop by occasionally are probably already accustomed to irregular posting patterns lately, so will not notice any difference.

I actually have SO much to write about these days, but am not quite ready to share yet. Soon, but not yet, so stay tuned.

Will say that the kids are doing very well in school. Cj cried the first few days, then took to informing me on the drive in whether or not she would be in the mood to shed a few tears as I left. She’s loving it, though, and comes home happy, full of new songs and stories of her day. Sam is, of course, overjoyed to be back at it, and his reading has already improved tremendously after just a couple of weeks. His friends are happy to be in contact again, and he’s having a wonderful time.

I’m now beginning my first week in months off. The kids are with Mark for 10 days straight, and I’m hoping this becomes a regular monthly routine. They need time with him, he needs time with them, and I need a break from the 4-hour M-F drive to school and some “me” time. (More on what I’m doing with my “me” time in a future post.)

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