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This blog might begin to show signs of neglect for a while, as I’ve just taken on a new pro blog at Adoption.com covering news from the adoption world.

This came about as a direct result of the slur campaign Mirah Riben and cohorts conducted in reaction to my post shredding a piece of trash she tried to pass off as ‘information’ that started out here, then was moved … by popular demand … to my International Adoption Blog.

By coordinating efforts within the ranks of the anti-adoption league, conducting a full-scale attack on my job and integrity and pulling out all the stops … including the one that would have masquerading as your own biggest fan seem like a really sleazy and desperate move, and understanding that such action is the very definition of ‘fraud’ … they managed to propel me ahead in my work and gain for me a level of respect it would have taken longer to reach without their help.

Finally seen as the scrapper I am, a new category of blog was created as a platform for not only the copious amounts of adoption-related news I glean daily as a matter of course, but also for my views and opinions.

Now, if they start paying me what I’m worth I’ll have found my dream job!

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